©TechSpec 2012 Site Visits (Recce) and AutoCAD Plans . Site visits and accurate plans can avoid costly, time consuming errors Technical / Tour Management Technical Management - years of experience in venues of all shapes and sizes Tour Management - from South Shields to Sydney You book the venues and watch your show roll into town... anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world Budget Handling ~ Schedules ~ Logistics Planning ~ Staffing ~ Health and Safety The important things that go with the right Production Management - some of the stuff, going on in the background, you don’t want to know about, but your accountants, venue managers and multi disciplinary teams need... you just want it to happen without a fuss Made with Xara Production Management Have your event professionally managed from beginning to end website built by TechSpec Technical Consultation Including - Have your venue specification documents professionally set-up All of your visiting companies and corporate clients will appreciate it saving time and money Have the answers to many of those technical questions all in one place